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ULM in the Major League Baseball Draft


ULM has had 52 players taken in the Major League Baseball draft since 1965, inlcuding a pair of first round selections. 

Below is a list of all former Warhawks that have been drafted.


Player Position Round (Overall Pick)
Kodie Tidwell SS 26th (777) San Diego Padres
Tyler Bray RHP 26th (795) St. Louis Cardinals
Jeremy Sy SS 12th (388) San Francisco Giants
  Randy Zeigler LHP 19th (598) San Francisco Giants
  Joey Rapp 1B 28th (868) San Francisco Giants
2011 Drew Granier RHP 32nd (976) Oakland Athletics
  James Jones RHP 33rd (1013) San Diego Padres
2009 Ben Soignier SS 22nd (675) New York Yankees
  Justin Anderson LHP 24th (716) Baltimore Orioles
2008 Ben Soignier SS 17th (508) Florida Marlins
  Kyle Suire 2B 35th (1064) New York Mets
2007 David Mixon RHP 20th (614) San Francisco Giants
  Bo Bowman 1B 22nd (672) Colorado Rockies
2006 David Mixon RHP 47th (1401) Arizona Diamondbacks
2005 Matt Green RHP 2nd (49) Arizona Diamondbacks
  Matt Lane P 16th (500) St. Louis Cardinals
2004 Jim Miller RHP 8th (230) Colorado Rockies
  Matt Guillory RHP 11th (322) Pittsburgh Pirates
  Ben Jones 1B 14th (429) New York Yankees
  Ryan Schwabe LHP 23rd (679) Baltimore Orioles
  Justin Lynch P 37th (1101) Texas Rangers
2003 Caleb McConnell RHP 21st (625) Philadelphia Phillies
  Joey Wolfe C 33rd (980) Toronto Blue Jays
2001 Brian Schriner RHP 34th (1010) Philadelphia Phillies
2000 Kenny Holubec LHP 9th (252) Minnesota Twins
  Mike Wombacher LHP 13th (398) New York Yankees
  Todd Self OF 15th (457) Houston Astros
1999 Ben Sheets RHP 1st (10) Milwaukee Brewers
  Corey Artieta P 31st (934) Milwaukee Brewers
1998 Lance Carracioli P 10th (306) Los Angeles Dodgers
  Brandon Smith P 23rd (692) Houston Astros
1996 Shannon Cooley OF 24th (706) Philadelphia Phillies
1995 Denny Bair P 8th (203) Chicago Cubs
1994 Chad Olinde 2B 36th (1002) Chicago Cubs
1993 Wade Walker P 16th (446) Chicago Cubs
  Steven Bourgeois RHP 21st (582) San Francisco Giants
1992 Stanley Wiltz 1B 29th (819) Pittsburgh Pirates
  Blake Doolan OF 33rd (921) Philadelphia Phillies
1991 Harold Henry OF 6th (176) Chicago White Sox
1990 Pat Morphy RHP 34th (889) New York Yankees
  Greg McGough C 40th (1033) Chicago White Sox
1987 Terry Mathews RHP 5th (129) Texas Rangers
  Kevin Cavalier RHP 23rd (589) Montreal Expos
  Kenne Brown OF 50th (1176) New York Yankees
1986 Joe Sims OF 15th (382) Montreal Expos
1985 Chuck Finley LHP 1st (4) California Angels
  Mitch Thomas RHP 8th (187) Texas Rangers
1984 John Schuessler OF 38th (798) Texas Rangers
1982 Kirk Knowles RHP 23rd (577) California Angels
1975 Gary Richter 2B 23rd (544) Cincinnati Reds
1970 Wayne Burney 1B 22nd (511) Los Angeles Dodgers
1965 Gary Fields IF 55th (778) Houston Astros