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Thank you!!

This year we have asked each member of the ULM Athletic Foundation to increase their support by "Giving 110%".  We are proud to recognize the following people who have responded to our request and have matched the effort put forth by our student-athletes in their pursuit of a championship ring and their ULM diploma!  A list of those who have given 110% is below.  This list will be updated throughout the campaign to recognize all donors who have increased their support for ULM's student-athletes!

Jeff Golson Owen Moses, Jr. Cameron, Hines and Hartt
Fritz Winke Joellyn Lewis Wade Earnhardt
James Greenlaw Dr. James Smith Dr. H.T. Garner Todd Hilburn, DDS Garrett and Garrett Robert Earle
The Earle Law Firm Harvey Hales Charles Lane
Johnny Harrington
Dr. Rhonda Joens
Charles Hatch, Jr
Dr. Dwight Vines
Oscar Robinson
Lloyd Ray
Jody Norman
Jeff and Evelyn Johnson
Jackie Neal
Hudson, Potts and Bernstein
Dr. Lawrence Danna
5 Star Fitness
Robert G. Miller
Barney Tucker
Tim Morrison
The Bike Source Warner Alford John Wooldridge Jack and Toni Coble Daniel Wood Ronald Gunter
Christy Schexnayder Dixie Shell Homes & Self Storage Chuck Bennett Monty B. Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Pyle Mrs. Terri Cossey
Richard McGiven Dr. Maynard Dolecheck Foxhound Properties George Snellings Wallace Hargon Michael Cossey
Robert Tew Hopkins Medical Properties Cary Davis Bayou Mosquito and Pest Managment Richland State Bank Patricia Hendricks
Gary Cook Cecil Davidson C.T. and Betty Jo Turner Eric Geist Robert Canterbury Pat McDonald
TJ and Wanda Shuflin John Wells Stacey Goff Homer Birdine Nielco Fitness Doug Nielsen
Aubrey Wade O.C. Hancock Fay Thurman Rusty and Lisa Haile TD Brunt Rentals Michael Wright
Billy and Kim Nielsen David McCormick John Baker Jeff Adams Jerry Allen Mitchell and Monique Gill
Courtney Joiner Stuart and Lisa Keyes Mike and Donna Moncrief Jay Cummins Jeff Sunsin Quin Medaries
Rocco Guirlando Jr.
Robertson Fruit & Produce
Tim Rightsell Mike and Cindy Henagan Daniel Thibodeaux Robert Marx
BancorpSouth Gary Richardson Lawson & Sharon Swearingen W.T. Lee Bobby Brinkerhoff James Cooke
Alan Moore Luffey Medical Supply Vern Wilson, Jr Mike and Susie Husted Flora Kalil Joe Bondurant
Larry Bradley Bubba and Sharon Chaney Paul VonDiezelski Samuel Petersib Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ledford, Jr Frank and Susan Hoffmann
Howard John Lindsey Wilkerson Johne and Sue Brooks Emmett Roulaine Brandon Wilder Traxler Chiropractic
Connie Lewis John Huntsman Ted Grace Beth and Jim Falls Frank Swayze William Convington
Lou & Marilyn St. Amant Charles E. Mock, Sr.        

 Thank you for Giving 110% for ULM's student-athletes!

 If you are interested in learning more about the "Give 110%" program or increasing your support for ULM's student-athletes, please call the ULM Athletic Foundation Office at 318-342-5428.