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In 2002, the University of Louisiana Monroe established a licensing program to protect the use of its logos and insignias. This program, administrated by the ULM athletic department, has been successful for the University, its licensees and retail partners. To expand the program and ensure its growth, the University has partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) (www.learfieldlicensing.com) to serve as its exclusive trademark licensing representative.

Learfield Licensing Partners
Learfield Licensing Partners was founded when Learfield Sports acquired the Licensing Resource Group (LRG) and Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) in 2014. Over 550 universities, conferences, and bowl games have partnered with LLP to assist in the oversight of their licensing program.  For specific questions regarding ULM’s trademark licensing program you can reach out to LLP at (317) 669-0808 or contact:

Tom Kehoe
Brand Management Representative, LLP
(317) 762-7826


What is the purpose of ULM’s trademark licensing program?
The University of Louisiana Monroe trademark licensing program was established to protect and control all uses of the University’s intellectual identity.  In conjunction with LLP, the University has established procedures that are designed to allow the University to maximize its exposure

Who must be licensed?
Anyone or any business/organization wishing to use the University's trademarks or verbiage on a product must have a license before offering the product/goods for sale. This also includes sale to University departments, campus organizations and student recognized organizations. Promotions and advertising are included as well.

Becoming a Licensee
The University and LLP strive to make obtaining a license to produce ULM products obtainable and user friendly, but take seriously the responsibility of protecting ULM’s trademarks and ensuring that the products bearing those marks are of the highest quality.

For specific questions regarding the process, please contact LLP or visit their website at www.learfieldlicensing.com 

You can download an application for licensing here:

What companies are currently licensed with ULM?
For a list of current licensees, please visit: http://learfieldlicensing.com/vendor-list/

How do I know if a product is licensed?
All licensed products should feature the Collegiate Licensing Properties Association logo.  This tag signifies that manufacturer of this product has gone through the correct process with LLP and holds a license with the University.

Click the image below for more info.

What kinds of products can be licensed?
Students, alumni and fans generate many great ideas for new University products. As a general rule, ULM considers products that are of high quality and in good taste. Please note the following products that ULM will NOT license:

·         Inherently dangerous products, such as firearms and explosives

·         Obscene/Disparaging products that may damage ULM's reputation

·         Gambling-related products

·         Sexually suggestive products

I visited a store that doesn’t carry ULM merchandise, why?
We are constantly striving to get more merchandise in retailer stores for fans to purchase.  If you visit a store looking for ULM merchandise and don’t find it, please let the local store management know you would have liked to purchase ULM gear.  There is always a licensee willing to sell ULM merchandise to a store, if the store is willing to bring in the merchandise.