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Ace's Army Student Rewards Program


How it works-   The Ace’s Army program is designed to reward you, our students, for supporting ULM Athletics. All you have to do is come up to our Ace's Army Table at specified athletic events and get your card punched that you will receive once signing up. By attending events and accumulating points, you will be rewarded with some awesome prizes. All students are eligible and there will be ample opportunities to sign up!

 -All athletic events specified will be worth 1 point. To see the list of events, click the "Schedules" link

 - Another way to earn points is by using Social Media, so make sure to follow our Instagram @Aces.Army! Members have the opportunity to gain 1 point by tagging @Aces.Army on Instagram in a photo of themselves while at an athletic event they are attending. You are only allowed to earn 2 points total (2 photos worth) at a single athletic events by using Social Media.

 -You will receive prizes at the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 point increments. We will alert Ace's Army Members of their prize status at events they come to. Lower level prizes will be available for pick-up at the sporting events, and higher level prizes will require coordination of pick-up at the marketing office in Fant-Ewing Coliseum.







 Contact Info


For questions, comments or concerns:

Please contact Ace's Army

Email - ULmAcesArmy@gmail.com

Phone - 318-342-3560

To see your current point totals come check in at our table at athletic events!