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Mission Statement: It is the mission of the ULM Athletic Training Department to provide reasonable medical coverage for all student-athletes who compete in intercollegiate athletics at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. In addition to providing medical coverage for student-athletes, it is also the mission of the ULM Athletic Training Department to facilitate educational development of the athletic training students through clinical instruction.


A comprehensive Sports Medicine Program of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation has been developed to ensure quality medical care for student athletes. Two athletic training and treatment centers are available to all athletes at specific times. The Malone Stadium training room is open to all athletes in the mornings. Schedules may change during breaks, between semester, and during the summer. The Malone Stadium Athletic Training Room operates on a walk-in, first-come-first-served basis; however, appointments may be scheduled with each staff member as needed.


The Athletic Training Room facilities are reserved for the exclusive use of the student athletes participating in NCAA intercollegiate sports programs. Specialized area within the facilities are designed for rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and general physical therapy activities with additional space reserved for pre-game and practice preparation and staff offices.

Athletic Training Room Regulations and Policies

The athletic trainers provide all prescribed rehabilitation and therapy treatments and coordinate the medical services that are available to student athletes. Policies concerning the Athletic Training Room facilities are as follows:

  • Student athletes are not allowed in the Athletic Training Room without appropriate supervision and authorization
  • All therapeutic modalities must be operated or administered by Athletic Training Staff only
  • Injured student athletes who are unable to attend practice (or otherwise limited from full participation) are required to report for prescribed rehabilitative treatments during hours scheduled
  • Student athletes are to strictly follow all rules and staff recommendations while under the direction of the Athletic Training Staff
  • All prescribed medication distributed through the Athletic Training Room is dispensed only by and under the authority of the designated team physician

Dental Care

The Department of Athletics assumes the financial responsibility for dental care, which is a direct result of an athletic injury sustained from formal practice or competition at ULM. Student athletes must have been wearing approved protective mouth gear (if recommended for that sport) at the time of injury in order to be eligible for dental coverage. Student athletes are to immediately report all dental injuries to a member of the athletic training staff.

Medical Records

In order to provide continuity of care, the Sports Medicine Program physicians, in cooperation with the Sports Medicine staff, promptly record all the medical care given to student athletes. Information contained in the medical record includes examinations, treatment of illnesses, and injuries sustained during the year, evaluations and treatments, medical referrals, follow-up care, and authorizations for resuming athletic activities. In addition, an Annual Health Status Questionaire is to be completed by the student athlete and medical staff and included in the student athlete's medical records. Required health status information includes previous medical history; all athletic and non-athletic injuries sustained, and past and present rehabilitation programs. The athletic trainers maintain records regarding athletic participation. The Head Athletic Trainer and the staff review medical records maintained in the Athletic Training Room to ensure that they are current and complete. The University physician maintains records of student athletes' visits to the ULM Student Health Services.

End of Medical Coverage

Student athletes, who complete their eligibility and continue to "work out" with their team, must assume the liability for financial cost from any injuries incurred after the last day of NCAA competition at the conclusion of their traditional sport season.

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